We recommend a personal visit to the nursing home that you are considering. Our admissions director will help guide you through the admission process, as well as explain Medicare, Medicaid, Hospice and Insurance programs.

Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers

Meet with the administrator or another staff member and discuss your specific situation. Sometimes residents are admitted directly from a hospital stay, referred by their physician. In those cases as well, it is best to contact the facility directly to share information about the new resident and to learn about the admissions process.

We accept residents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Prior to admission, our admission team will review medical records in order to determine if a prospective resident is eligible for admission and to ensure the most appropriate program placement.

Once medically accepted, a physician will be assigned to follow the resident’s care and a conference will be scheduled with the resident’s responsible party (usually a family member) to answer questions and sign appropriate documents.

What to Bring With You Upon Admission

Families are encouraged to decorate the resident’s living area with personal belongings such as flowers, pictures, and other memorabilia. In addition, please bring:

Personal Information

In order to provide our patients with high quality treatment and care, the following information should be provided to the facility prior to or at the time of admission:

  • Patient’s current address and phone.
  • Current addresses and phone numbers for any family members who may be of assistance to us during the stay
  • Copies of any health care directives in place, such as: Durable Power of Attorney for health, care decisions and/or finances
  • Healthcare Proxy Designation
  • Living Will

Personal Items

The following items are suggested to help you or your loved one feel at home while staying at the facility.

  • Toiletries such as comb/brush, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant and makeup. We are happy to provide any toiletry items a patient needs during his/her stay.
  • Clothing such as shirts/blouses, pants, skirts, dresses, shorts, sweaters, socks/ nylons, belts, pajamas/nightgowns, undergarments, nonskid slippers, and comfortable walking shoes.

It is also helpful to identify all personal items brought to the facility to reduce the possibility of losing items, and also to help staff return found items, We suggest that all clothing items be identified by a sewn in label with the patient’s name printed in indelible marker.

Financial Information

In order to provide our patients to receive all the health care benefits in which they are entitled, we work closely with patients and families to explore all options. Payment is accepted from a variety of private and public sources. To set up the appropriate billing procedures for patients, and to provide assistance in the application for continued long term care benefits, such as Medicare or Medicaid, the following information should be provided to the facility prior to or at the time of admission:

  • Copy of the patient’s Social Security Card
  • Copy of the patient’s Medicare or insurance card
  • Fiduciary Party/Financial Power of Attorney, if any
  • List of any health insurance policies, including their coverage limits
  • Copies of any pending Medicaid Title XIX applications
  • Listing of income sources and/or assets (investment banks real estate, etc.
  • Copy of burial policy

Please read the following for additional information regarding Medicare and Medicaid.

Residents are admitted upon a physician’s recommendation without regard to race, gender, religion or national origin.
For more information about admissions, please contact the facility directly, or call us at: (469) 916-6100.