Brandon Place Nursing and Rehabilitation

13500 Brandon Place
Oklahoma City, OK 73142
Main Phone: (405) 720-0010
Admissions: (405) 720-0010
Main Fax:

Administrator: Kip McElwee
Director of Nursing: Dawn Brooks

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Our staff understands that choosing a health care facility is a new experience for our patients and their families and we are sensitive to the importance of helping new patients feel welcome and at home. Patients and their families are included in the important decision-making process of care planning. And we encourage patients to pursue interests, and activities that encourage a meaningful, fulfilling lifestyle.

Our team of health care professionals is led by a licensed administrator and includes our medical director, consultant pharmacist and consultant dietician. From the director of nurses and our rehabilitation staff, to the activity director and social worker, our staff works to address the special needs of each patient.

Our rehabilitation unit features a separate focus. Our fully-equipped, rehabilitation gym is staffed by physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists. While many of our patients are able to return home, our goal is to get every patient functioning at their highest level and capability.

Our Services

SouthwestLTC  Logo 24-hour Skilled Nursing
SouthwestLTC  Logo 24-hour Intermediate Care
SouthwestLTC  Logo Rehabilitation Services
SouthwestLTC  Logo Wound Care Program
SouthwestLTC  Logo Respite/Vacation Care Program

Skilled Nursing Care

SouthwestLTC  Logo Complicated Surgeries
SouthwestLTC  Logo Spinal Cord Injuries
SouthwestLTC  Logo Respiratory Illness
SouthwestLTC  Logo Total Joint Replacements
SouthwestLTC  Logo Arthritis
SouthwestLTC  Logo Fractures
SouthwestLTC  Logo Cardiac Disease

Rehabilitative Care

SouthwestLTC  Logo Multiple Trauma Care
SouthwestLTC  Logo Amputation Recovery
SouthwestLTC  Logo Restorative Feeding
SouthwestLTC  Logo Neurological Disorders
SouthwestLTC  Logo Neuromuscular Disorders

SouthwestLTC  Logo We accept Medicare, Medicaid, Hospice, Veteran’s Administration, Negotiated insurance Contracts, and private pay.